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The American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys defines medical malpractice as an event that occurs "when a hospital, doctor or other health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient." In order for a claim to be considered medical malpractice under the law, it must demonstrate the following attributes: a violation of the standard of care, an act of negligence, and an end result of significant damages. Medical negligence can present in many different ways, but some examples include misdiagnosis, misinterpretation of lab results, unnecessary or incorrect surgeries, improper medication, and premature discharge. When making a claim, it is important to partner with a legal team that has a firm understanding of the medical setting so that a strong case can be prepared.


Product liability is an area of law pertaining to the accountability of any member involved throughout the chain of manufacturing for damages caused by the consumer good in question. When injury or other serious damages result from discrepancies in product design or flaws in product assembly, a case can be made against one or more parties. This includes the designers, manufacturers, distributers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. Specific occurrences of product liability include designs that make a product inherently dangerous, poor-quality materials or workmanship that cause defects, or failure to properly warn consumers of nonobvious dangers through adequate labeling and marketing.


The legal process of transferring one’s property to his/her heirs at death can be overwhelming, especially if proper arrangements have not been made in advance. Many aspects other than the management of assets must be considered, including the allocation of rights, obligations, charges, debts, and powers. It is highly advisable to draft a last will sooner rather than later in order to avoid unnecessary complications in the future. Having someone who you can trust can make all the difference in guiding you and your family through such a sensitive time.


Worker’s compensation is a system designed to enforce employers to pay or provide insurance for employees in the case of lost wages and medical expenses due to job-related injuries. Victims are entitled to compensation for most expenses related to advancing their recovery. Although private or state-funded insurance is the primary means of recovering damages in these cases, there are some situations in which a third party could be held liable in a lawsuit. It can be beneficial to have an attorney review your case in order to make sure you are receiving the benefits you deserve.


Personal injury law deals with cases in which an individual is injured or otherwise harmed through the fault of another party. Automobile crashes, slip and fall incidents, and construction accidents are all instances that would fall under personal injury. In many cases, costly and time-consuming litigations can be avoided by reaching a settlement. As one of the broader legal categories, personal injury encompasses a wide range of civil disputes. For this reason, choosing an experienced lawyer is the most important decision you will make in attaining the reparation that you are entitled.